Independent and collaborative, Jvst Your Type is a playful and modern collection of designs that combine a love for lettering, and diversity. Every product is an experiment with technique and printmaking --- each created with the intention of making something unique to reflect every personality.

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"Typography-driven products created for every personality."



Our culture, experiences, unfiltered conversations with our friends, bad interesting hair choices in high school, the list goes on; all shape our personality. Whether we grow to regret or not, I love it. I’m inspired by the unique and diverse ways we choose to express ourselves.

Typography and letterforms also carry different personalities in the way they look, feel and interact, just like the way we do - that’s what Jvst Your Type is all about; Typography-driven products created for every personality. Through an exploration of different letterforms and playful patterns, these designs are crafted to be inclusive and celebrate individuality.

All products are designed and made in my local San Francisco-based studio. I practice with environmentally friendly techniques and materials wherever I can.