Kim Vu is a San Francisco-based graphic designer and lettering artist who specializes in typography, layout, packaging and brand design.

Coming to America at a young age, making meaningful connections has been her biggest source of inspiration. Through the language of visual arts, she found a way to communicate with the world around her. Graduating with a degree in graphic design and visual communication, Kim’s background in graphic and set design shapes her approach as a designer. From building window sets at Anthropologie, designing and creative directing the toddler line at Old Navy, to hand lettering print work, she is experienced in a wide array of projects and roles. It is her multi-disciplinary design sensibilities and skills that allow her to effectively work with a project in multiple dimensions, mediums, and platforms.

Kim’s adaptability represents one of her greatest strengths. She can transform into a design chameleon and work seamlessly with an established style and brand. Her ultimate goal is to create impactful and well-crafted designs that coordinate with a project or brand’s concept and personality.

When she’s not designing with clients, You can find her traveling or working on her passion project, Jvst Your Type. Jvst Your Type is her creative canvas to explore lettering and printmaking. Find out more and explore the shop.





  • Hand Lettering
  • Logo/ Brand Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Layout
  • Mural Installations
"Baby Kim Vu, starting her dreams early in Saigon, Vietnam - circa 1992"

"Baby Kim Vu, starting her dreams early in Saigon, Vietnam - circa 1992"

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